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Learn about the history of Ecoalpispa and what makes it unique

Ecoalpispa is a young and fresh project that was born to spread the love of nature, from which we work to spread and transmit the importance of bees and the rural environment in the conservation of the environment.

Ecoalpispa emerged in 2017 with the manufacture of eco-packaging for the home, to be more sustainable in my day to day.
It was the first eco-packaging company in the Canary Islands and in Spain. There are currently 70 points of sale on the islands where you can get your ecopackaging and also our online store.

We have avoided about X meters of plastic since we started, and we continue with our goal!

But, the passion that moves ecoalpispa is nature and being part of it.

For this reason, in 2020 the Abejera de Ecoalpispa arises, a farm of my great-grandparents in Icod de los Vinos, in the north of Tenerife that we have recovered. Here we take care of the bees and the earth. Taking care of bees is our main objective, working with ecological beekeeping that respects these insects and everything that surrounds us. We also do organic farming to keep the land alive.

Another of my passions is environmental conservation and raising awareness about the importance of bees and taking care of nature. For this reason, La Abejera de Ecoalpispa is an eco-agrotourism farm that can be visited. Our facilities have a nature classroom, a beehive behind glass, a shop, as well as the interior of our establishment where you can learn how honey is extracted, among other things. We are visited by schools, families, people who are curious or passionate about the world of bees, as well as tourists who want to make tourism more sustainable and aware of the place they visit. Anyone is welcome at La Abejera and we always treat them like a queen!

On our visits you can learn about the world of bees and the wild biodiversity of the islands, as well as enter the hives in beekeeper clothing and taste the delicious honey of Tenerife.

La Abejera is supplied with 100% clean and renewable energy and we also have 100% natural wastewater treatment.

But this is not all, several times a year we carry out introductory beekeeping courses. We receive interns from different types of training such as the University of La Laguna or professional training institutes. And in addition, we work on the conservation of biodiversity in different projects both with the University of La Laguna and at a European level.

National Young Entrepreneur Award 2020

We are a swarm, which is getting bigger every day, of different people, companies or entities that are weaving a honeycomb of beeswax in which we take care of them, of biodiversity in general and of the nature of which we are a part and that we are so passionate about.

If you are already part of this swarm, simply thank you. If not yet, we are waiting for you!



Luchadora, inconformista, optimista y una chica siempre inquieta o lo que viene siendo en canario, una alpispa!

Bióloga de la conservación de la biodiversidad y apicultora, ambas por vocación. Enamorada de la vida y de todo lo que la naturaleza nos ofrece. Confío, aunque ahora mismo parezca imposible, en que las personas bonitas de este mundo podemos caminar juntas hacia un planeta mejor.

Soy una persona muy activa y super motivada, con muchas inquietudes y ganas de seguir aprendiendo día a día para combinar el cuidado y respeto por las abejas y el medio natural. Adoro involucrar a la sociedad en mi trabajo, educando a ésta en la importancia de cuidar el medio ambiente y de producir nuestros propios alimentos de manera tradicional. 

Una generación de conocimientos y una concienciación ambiental constante.

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