Envoltorio ecológico Bosque
3 diciembre, 2018
Envoltorio ecológico Cuadrados
3 diciembre, 2018

Envoltorio ecológico Tropical


Medium eco-wrapper. Size M (25 x 25 cm)

With the medium wrapper you can cover your salad bowls or trays with leftovers of food. To keep fresh vegetables, fruits like watermelon or cheese. In addition, it is ideal to take the sandwich away from home or for a snack.

Large eco-wrapper. Size L (33 x 33 cm)

Wrap large trays with your baked goods, bowls or for example half a melon.

It is a natural alternative to plastic wrap. To use it you only need to heat the wrapper with your hands, giving it warmth to seal. It is reusable, wash it with cold water, dry it and save it for the next time you need it.

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